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Principal's Corner

Messages from Mrs. Fargo



August 2017


Dear Sierra Vista Families:


Welcome: The Sierra Vista Staff wants to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.  We are excited to begin another exciting school year with the focus on College Readiness as our theme.  You may want to begin talking to your child about college and the expectation of attending when they graduate from high school.  It is never too early to begin the conversations.  Each teacher will be choosing a college or university as a classroom theme.  We will have “Wear Your College Colors” on Friday, so when you learn your students “college” you may want to purchase a t-shirt in that college’s colors.   According to the author of No Excuses University, Damen Lopez, preparing for college in high school is too late.  Readiness should begin the first day a child steps onto the elementary campus.  We are eager to support each child in college readiness because we are not fortune tellers and don’t know who will attend college but want to ensure each child has the skills to be ready if they choose to attend.  You will be learning how you can be involved too.


Class Lists: PYLUSD has planned a new way of notifying parents of their child’s class assignment.  There will be a table in front of the school where you may pick up a postcard with your child’s name, classroom number, and teacher where your child will go on the first day of school.  This new District-wide procedure has been implemented to protect children.  

Parents may come to Sierra Vista on August 28 between 3:00-4:00 to pick up their postcard with the class assignment or on the first day of school in front of the school.


Reminder:  Students must arrive at school between 7:30 & 7:45 to avoid being marked tardy.  The gates will be closed and locked promptly at 7:50.  Students should be in their lines ready to enter the classroom at 7:50.  On the first day students will go directly to their classroom and parents may walk them to class.  The second day of school and thereafter, parents will remain outside the gates.


Please be sure to read the important guidelines for our VALET system in the Parent-Student Handbook on page 4.  The Parent-Student Handbook guidelines are available at  Visit our website where many of your questions may be answered.


Again, we are looking forward to an outstanding year and are eager to see you on August 29, for the first day of school.


Very Sincerely,

Shirley Fargo, Principal

Welcome to Sierra Vista,

Ms. Fargo!!!