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Expanded Learning

Mrs. Solomonson

Room 703 - Soaring through 5th Grade!

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Assessment and Grading  
  • District writing prompts (May)
  • Homework – effort grade
  • Class tests and district assessments
  • Progress Reports are sent home half way through the trimester to allow ample time to improve in areas of need

Classroom Rules and Discipline: Positive Behavior Intervention Support = Success!

  • Our class follows rules to help promote safety, responsibility, accountability, and good behavior in class and while on campus (SOAR).
    • ​S - Stay Safe: Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing; Walk; Sit in chair and use materials appropriately
    • O - Own Your Own Behavior: Listen carefully and follow directions; Use class time wisely; Work quietly; Stay on task; Talk at appropriate times
    • A - Accept Responsibility: Homework turned in on time and done neatly; All work has proper heading, is neat, and shows effort; Be prepared and participate in class; Stay at seat as directed; Raise hand to come up to the teacher
    • R - Respect People and Property: Use appropriate and respectful language and gestures; Desk and supplies are neat, tidy, and organized; Respect the rights of others
  • Classroom Incentives: Schillings/class money (used for classroom auctions and other items), Student of the Day, Blue Tickets, SOAR ticket, Raffles, Eagle of the Month, and  praise, praise, praise!

Reminder Book/Parent Communication

  • Used to keep track of homework assignments, events, and needs 
  • Communicates to parents about assignments and upcoming tests
  • Parent support - please initial nightly so that I know you are aware of homework, tests, and upcoming reminders.
  • Missing Homework will be highlighted in yellow.
  • **The RB is a great tool to show that parents, the teacher, and the student are all on the same page.

Homework – Why give it and what is it?

  • Due upon arrival in the morning on the assigned due date
  • When student does not have their homework on the assigned due date, they will highlight the assignment and have me initial it.  They can do the homework at recess or take it home to finish along with the new assigned homework.  The student brings the missing homework to me the next day with the highlighted assignment initialed by parent.  If they do not have the work, they will sit out at recess and complete it.
  • Recreational reading each night for 20 minutes is STRONGLY encouraged

Late Work Policy

  • Late work is accepted. However, each day the assignment is late, the grade goes down by 10%.

Absent Students

Given 2 days for each day they are absent to make up work

  • Parents’ responsibility to help students with work brought home
  • If you know your child is going to be absent ahead of time, a three-day notice is needed in order to prepare work.
  • Please try to schedule doctor’s appointments after school

November Parent/Teacher Conferences & Report Cards

  • This year, conferences are scheduled for November 16th (mini day: 12:37), 17th (non-student day), and 18th (mini day: 12:37). Please make sure to arrive to your scheduled conference on time, as they are stacked back to back on a 20-minute interval. 
  • Honor Roll is given for excellent academic achievement along with satisfactory or above in all effort areas.

Papers brought home

  • All completed, checked, and graded work (except tests) will go home on Tuesday in the Eagle Envelope.
  • The signed Eagle Envelope is due back on Wednesday
  • Please empty Eagle Envelope completely
  • ALL tests will be passed back separately and will need to be returned with a parent signature
  • Please go through papers with your child and help them to complete any "Fix-Its"


  • Only papers I mark as fix-it can be returned for an adjusted grade.
  • Review and help your child to do the fix-its.
  • Corrections must be in pen (NO BLACK INK) or on a separate piece of paper.  Do not erase old marks.
  • Return the original assignment with the corrections to the fix-it tray as soon as it's done.
  • Great way to review and to improve grades.
  • Fix-Its MUST be signed by a parent to count!!!!

Ways to help your child be successful in 5th grade

  • Practice math facts as needed to keep them fresh and quick
  • Look over your child’s homework, help as needed, sign reminder book
  • Quiz your child using study guides from class
  • Reread chapters in Social Studies and Science along with stories in the Anthology
  • Help your child complete & return missing work, makeup work, or corrections on papers
  • Ensure that your child studies for upcoming tests – check RB nightly
  • Ensure your child reads nightly, encourage your child to do the Recreational Reading Program, and ask your children to take AR tests!

Other Classroom Tidbits

  • Field Trips –Walk Through the Revolution (at school), Riley's Farm in April
  • Treats may not be provided for birthdays.  Students will be recognized at school with their name announced during  morning broadcast.