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Expanded Learning

Mrs. Page

Mrs. Page

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Chapman University is a local university, but there are many more to choose from. What is your plan for your future? Is it a college? A career? Is it a trade? What's your inspiration?

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Mrs. Page's




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Mrs. Page's Contact Information

  • (***If you have concerns, questions, or requests for homework, please email me before going to the office. If I cannot help you, I will refer you to the office. I should act as your first point of contact.)
  • Room 604
  • 1-714-986-7270 x35604
  • Best time to contact:
    • after school
    • email or a note in RB

Grade Markings

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Classroom Information and Policies (2017-2018)

School Wide Focus

  • The most important area of emphasis at Sierra Vista is READING.
  • Parents can help foster reading skills by enforcing nightly reading at home. Encourage your child to read within his/her AR reading level and to take the AR test at school.
  • Race to Reading Success by participating in SV's Recreational Reading Race every month!


  • Language Arts - Benchmark Advanced (NEW ADOPTION!), Step Up to Writing, Written Expression
  • RTI (Response to Intervention) - Federally mandated program that states students will be provided with instruction/interventions at their ability level in order to help improve or challenge their reading/academic success. Homogeneous groupings are used to differentiate instruction
    • Letters will be sent home in October to notify parents of your child’s group
  • Math - Math Expressions is our math series adoption.
    • Students are provided regular opportunities to employ math skills using problem-solving strategies and apply them to real life situations. Common Core Math Standards means a more rigorous and in depth look into what it means to think like a mathematician.
Assessment and Grading  
  • COGAT GATE Testing (October) 
  • District writing prompts (May)
  • Homework – effort grade
  • Class tests and district assessments
  • Progress Reports are sent home half way through the trimester to allow ample time to improve in areas of need

Classroom Rules and Discipline:

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Support = Success!
  • Our class follows 4 basic rules to help promote safety, responsibility, accountability, and good behavior in class and while on campus (SOAR).
  • Classroom Incentives: STARbucks/class money (used for classroom auctions), Swag Tags, Super Improver Points, Blue Tickets, Marble Jar (marbles earned from PE will go towards a class reward), SUPERHERO of the week, Eagle of the Month, SOAR monitor, Fun tickets (bring a stuffed animal to school, sit in the teacher’s desk, wear slippers in class, write in ink pen all day, put stickers on your papers, free homework pass!)….and praise, praise, praise!

Reminder Book/Parent Communication

  • Used to keep track of homework assignments, events, and needs (New for 3rd graders)
  • Communicates to parents about assignments and upcoming tests
  • Parent support - please initial nightly so that I know you are helping your child be successful with homework.
  • In your child’s RB, I will circle assignments that are missing or still need to be turned in. I will also staple important papers/tests that need to be signed into the RB.
  • **The RB is a great tool to show that parents, the teacher, and the student are all on the same page.
  • Incomplete homework will be finished at recess. All children will be given a break regardless of their homework completion status. The break just may look a little different than the regular schedule.

Homework – Why give it and what is it?

  • See the new PYLUSD Homework Expectations policy pamphlet
  • Due upon arrival in the morning on the assigned due date
  • Mad Minute (MM) – nightly practice of a Mad Minute fact practice sheet using a dry erase marker and the MM sleeve. Students show me their completed assignment every morning throughout the week and then are retested to look for mastery at the end of the week. Your child may practice 10 times or 1 time a night, depending on their needs.
  • Recreational reading each night for 20 minutes is STRONGLY encouraged

Late Work Policy

  • Late work is accepted. However, each day that the assignment is late, the grade goes down by 10%.

Absent Students

  • Given 2 days for each day they are absent to make up work
  • Parents’ responsibility to help students with work brought home
  • If you know your child is going to be absent ahead of time, please contact me at least 48 hours before absence in order for work to be prepared
  • Please try to schedule doctor’s appointments after school

November Parent/Teacher Conferences & Report Cards

  • Students who receive A-C grades and Satisfactory or higher markings in behavior/effort, are eligible to earn Honor Roll for excellent academic achievement.

Papers brought home

  • All fliers/papers will go home on Fridays and Friday Folders must be returned on Mondays
  • Please empty Friday Folders completely
  • Occasionally tests will be sent home on other days
  • Please go through papers with your child and discuss corrections that need to be made
  • ***GET A BOX TO SAVE PAPERS! I often use old quizzes, test, and worksheets to create review tests. Students and parents may want to revisit old papers sent home.

Ways to help your child be successful in 3rd and 4th grade:

  • Practice math facts nightly
  • Look over your child’s homework, help as needed, sign reminder book
  • Quiz your child using study guides from class
  • Reread chapters in Social Studies and Science along with stories in the Anthology
  • Help your child complete & return missing work, makeup work, or corrections on papers
  • Ensure that your child studies for upcoming tests – check RB nightly
  • Ensure your child reads nightly, encourage your child to do the Recreational Reading Program, and ask your children to take AR tests!

Lunch, Snack, and Water

  • Your child is hungry by recess time. Please send in a healthy snack each day.
  • If your child forgets his/her lunch, your child will purchase a hot lunch and it can then be paid for the next day. Remind your child that they must eat! It’s important!
  • Small water bottles are allowed in class. However, I ask that your child put it into a small child’s size sock to catch condensation if it is cold.

Other Classroom Tidbits

  • Birthdays: Students will be recognized at school with a birthday pencil, as well as their name announced during a morning broadcast. Food treats may not be sent in as we have many food allergies. However, a new classroom ball, jump rope, book, or something the class can play with would be a good alternative to food.

Sierra Vista Students are College and Career Focused!

Our class has Chapman University in the spotlight.

Students will learn about what "College and Career Ready" means, and will begin thinking about what dreams they have for their future.

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