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Mrs. Ashe

Mrs. Ashe's Class Loves the USA!!!

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1.  I will complete all of my assignments neatly and on time.

2.  I will keep my desk, floor, and room neat.

3.  I will RAISE my hand for permission to speak or come to Mrs. Ashe's desk.

4.  I will keep my hands, feet, and objects to myself.

5.  I will listen to my teacher and follow all directions.

**I understand that these rules are for my benefit and safety.

Consequences for NOT following class rules:

1.  First time - I will be warned.

2.  Second time - I must copy the rule/rules I have broken ten times before going out to play.

3.  Third time - I must pick up a Behavioral Warning Note and take it home to get signed, and return it the following day.

4.  Fourth time - Mrs. Ashe and I will contact my parents.

Consequences for NOT having my work completed:

1.  I will immediately HIGHLIGHT the missed assignment in my Reminder Book (RB).  I will take my RB up to Mrs. Ashe for her initials.  I understand    that if I do not highlight my missed assignment right away, I will receive my first tally for the day.

2.  I will have to use my own time during recess, or take the assignment home to finish.  My parents will sign next to Mrs. Ashe's initials when they see the assignment and that it is completed.

3.  I will return my completed homework (also signed by my parents) in the following day to the "Late Work" bin.

**I realize that late or incomplete work hurts me the most and will affect my academic and citizenship grades.